• CAPA Attorney Certificate – EDASE
  • Paris Bar
  • Science-Po Paris, France, Master’s Degree in international business (2002)
  • George Washington University, USA, integrated curriculum (1999-2000)
  • MGIMO, Russia, integrated curriculum (2001-2002)
  • University of Panthéon Sorbonne, France, Master of laws (2003)
  • National Institute for Eastern Languages and Civilizations, France, Bachelor in Russian literature and civilization (2005)

Originally from Aix-en-Provence, I have felt passionate about international relations and languages since childhood. Upon reading Anna Karenina at the age of 15, I swore to read this book in Tolstoy’s language. This is the reason why I learned Russian … in the United States during my studies at George Washington University! More than ambition, career or the appeal of travelling, I worked and lived on three continents to understand different thoughts, cultures and worldviews. The amazing encounters I made during these 15 years of expatriation and backpacking outside of the EU enabled me to define my life values, gain some open-mindedness, and ultimately discover myself.
I worked in the United States, Russia and Central Asia on international development projects with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the European Commission, the United Nations and the OSCE.
As an in-house counsel of a large German consulting group, I assisted foreign investors to develop their business in Russia, Asia and Eastern Europe.
Of all the professions I encountered during these 13 years of expatriation, lawyers and their key role in trade and individual freedoms inspired me the most.

That is why I chose to become a lawyer for the rest of my life.

My practice of the law is strongly influenced by the philosophy of Japanese martial arts. And in particular the Budō, the way of the warrior, which pursues the spirit of the Bushidō, the moral code of the samurai.

We often forget that the primary vocation of the samurai was to serve, more than to fight. The term samurai comes from saburau, “in service”.
A lawyer should be at your service to protect, defend and provide strategic advice, rather than privileging aggression and confrontation in front of the court.

I strive to follow the virtues of Bushidō in my legal practice. The practice of Judo, Ju-Jujitsu and especially Aikido taught me to fall in order to stand up, to accept confrontation without aggressiveness, to fight without affect, and to strike only when needed: soberly, precisely, without unnecessary diligences.

My weapons are substantive arguments based on the law. My exercise is one of rigor and humility. I strive to refine my expertise and legal knowledge on a daily basis, check new case-law every day, like a kata in permanent quest for the perfect movement … This is my vision to offer a service of quality.

  • Lawyer at the Marseille Bar
  • President of the Russian CIS Business Club in Provence
  • PACA representative of the French-Russian business Kondratieff Circle
  • Awarded 3rd place at the Marseille Bar “Conference du stage” (historical pleading competition of lawyers)
  • Awarded 1st Prize of legal innovation of the French National Council (CNB) for a legaltech project
  • Member of the Commission on Innovation and Prospective of the Marseille Bar
  • Member of BNI International Business Network
Avocat nouvelles technologies

© crédit photo : Guillaume Clauzon

Tradition has it that a lawyer is called “Maître”…
For me, being a lawyer means first mastering myself. And being at the service of my Clients!