Business law

In France it is simple to complicate things, but complicated to simplify them

As an expatriate, I used to lead seminars for foreign colleagues on how to conduct business with the French. They found it incredibly difficult to close a deal and work with the French, and they usually felt lost with the French tax and legal system. Let me simplify your life. I assist foreign companies with all legal issues pertaining to their setup and development in France.


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    Corporate law

    Manage your company

    A company is the vehicle for your project. And law its contact with the road! Any business needs legal services, regardless of its engine (passion, invention, ambition, disruption, etc.) and direction. Whether your issues are common (setup or purchase of company, takeover, company management) or more complex (new shareholder, fundraising, JV agreement, liquidation, collective proceedings), having a business lawyer on your side to ensure a successful start and proper support along your journey is your best chance to face any bump on the road!




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    Labor law

    Hiring and managing employees in France

    The French “Code du Travail” (codified statute for employment law) provides a very comprehensive (maybe too comprehensive) framework for individual and collective relationships between employers and employees. Collective bargaining agreements, restrictions on short term contracts (“contrats à durée déterminée”), 35 hour work week, right to switch off smartphones and computers… French employment legislation can be surprising for companies used to the provisions of Common Law systems.
    I support foreign employers with all issues pertaining to immigration, employment and payroll legislation in France. I also defend employers before specialized employment tribunals (Conseil des Prud’hommes).

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    Commercial law

    Structure, draft and secure your agreements

    You have chosen the path of entrepreneurship, with its ups and downs, and wish to develop your business in France. Gaining momentum, scale and speed means also taking measured risks. Why take them all at the same time? Your lawyer does not just hold the pen. She secures your strategy and operations in an increasingly complex legislative framework for all commercial agreements (service agreements, NDA, terms and conditions, franchising, distribution, sales agreement) and litigation.




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    Intellectual Property

    Protect your rights, trademark and creations

    France is a hotbed of innovation, creativity and R&D. Exporting, setting up a franchise/ distribution network or establishing a daughter company in the “Hexagon” requires to protect your artistic and creative rights, designs, patents or trademarks in France.
    Likewise, as an artist or a startup, you need a relevant legal strategy to protect, enhance, and if necessary, start a judicial procedure to defend your company against counterfeiting, piracy and copyright infringement.
    Our law firm can advise you on all matters pertaining to intellectual property.





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    Negotiations, settlements and litigation

    Unfair competition, conflict with a shareholder, termination of commercial relations, breach of an agreement… You must act, quickly and pragmatically.
    We focus on a proactive approach. Our firm advises, represents and defends your company in front of French courts with a clearly defined litigation strategy.
    Settlement does not belong to the French traditional judiciary mindset. Few French lawyers are familiar with the alternative methods of settling disputes under civil and commercial law (“Modes Alternatifs de Règlement des Différents”). Strongly influenced by my experience in Foreign Affairs and the philosophy of Budo, I favor negotiations if they are in your interest. You should be willing to try the case yet ready to settle.




“ Fortune favors the brave,
More rarely the reckless