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We assist professionals of the entertainment industry – films, series, books, mangas, comics, video games, influencers and e-sports professionals – on a wide range of legal issues from commercial agreements, labor agreements, intellectual property, taxation to the fight against online piracy.



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    Films, series and animes

    Don't let anyone steal your show

    Writing, producing or distributing films or series is quite an adventure. We can deal with the legal aspects so you can focus on the creative and commercial side of your activity. Do you have questions about your contracts, taxation or online piracy ? We advise authors, producers, distributors and distributors of films and series on intellectual property, agreements, corporate and business law and on the fight against online piracy. Let us meet to discuss how we could help you.



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    Buff up and win with a lawyer by your side

    The French legislation for gamers and esport athletes is still in development with Law No. 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016 and Decree No. 2017-872 of May 9, 2017. Whether you are a gamer, an association, a company employing gamers, or the organizer of esport events and competitions, we can assist you with the drafting and negotiations of all agreements pertaining to e-sport (sponsorship agreements, labor agreements). We can also support you with the organization of events or LAN parties and taxation.


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    Video Games

    Focus on the game and let us have fun with the legalese

    The Gameboy and Korobeiniki (Tetris theme) entered our homes over 30 years ago. Yet the legal framework for video games is still under construction. We help developers, publishers or distributors of video games, MMORPGs or mobile applications to fight online piracy, protect their copyright and trademark, protection of minors, and taxation.




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    Social media influencers

    Deal with your likes and followers, we deal with the law

    You spent time building your community, gathering followers and posting quality content on your blog or social media accounts. Brands are now contacting you to sign agreements. Image rights, wrongful damage, liability – you wonder what this legalese might entail. I can explain, draft and help you negotiate all types of agreements relating to your influencer activity. You have questions about ContentID, the European copyright directive, the setup of a company or French taxes? We would be delighted to help you secure your activity.




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    Books, mangas and graphic novels

    Let us draft to protect your artwork

    I assist authors, illustrators, publishers and distributors of works in the drafting and negotiation of all agreements (including publishing agreements) and legal issues pertaining to the publication, adaptation, exploitation or intellectual property of the works in paper, audio and digital form. I can also help you fight against digital piracy (illegal streaming websites, P2P, UGC platforms- social networks, forums etc.).




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