Developing your business in France can beeasycomplicatedrewardingchallengingprofitablepuzzlingrisky

As a foreign company, you may face several legal and administrative hurdles while conducting business in France. The French business etiquette and legislation can be puzzling. How do you prevent your French experience from turning into a fiasco, avoid business errors, find reliable business partners and figure out your way between URSSAF, the FISC and the French bureaucracy? You need advice from a professional who is able to think beyond the typical French way of thinking and appreciate your needs from a legal and a cultural standpoint.

Don’t get lost in translation and contact our law firm.

I assist foreign companies and expatriates to successfully implement and secure their business in France.

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It is often said that lawyers are only passionate about Law. My passions also include business, and everything it entails: the human adventure, ambition, the drive, decision-making, creativity, innovation, audacity… When I took my oath, I thought about you, entrepreneurs. I became a lawyer for you.

More than a rule, a contract or a tool, Law is a living language, one of the five I speak to advise you and support your business in France, abroad and in the digital world.

Laurence Khashimov-Fara


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years of expatriation
In the US, Russia and the CIS
working languages
French, English, Russian, German
1st Prize for legal innovation
Awarded by the French Bar

How can I help you?

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Manage your business in France

A company is the vehicle of your project. And law its contact with the road!

Any business needs legal services, regardless of its engine (passion, invention, ambition, disruption) and direction. Whether it is to create or manage your company, your commercial agreements, your employees, intellectual property or handle litigation, having a multilingual business lawyer on your side is your best chance to get a good start and face bumps in the road! ​

IT and Innovation

It is not because we are evolving towards a digitalized world that law becomes virtual.

Whether you are a traditional business or a digital entrepreneur, your environment is changing at an exponential speed and your business model with it. Faced with new technologies and the (r) evolutions they bring to your market, you have to innovate, anticipate and adapt to these quick changes.
Webmarketing and communication, E-commerce, E-reputation, software agreements, data privacy, cybersecurity … I am here to guide you and secure your development in the digital world.

Online entertainment

Get a lawyer who is serious about entertainment.

I provide legal assistance to French and international artists, employees, companies and individuals involved in all areas of the online entertainment industry, including films, animes, series, books, mangas, video games, e-sport and influencers in order to help them be successful in France and Europe.


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You write, I reply within 24 hours. You call, I call you back in person. You benefit from regular feedback in a timely manner in the event of a procedure or for any other service. I commit to deadlines whenever it is possible.

One of the main advantages of working with a small law firm is its flexibility. The art of convincing, drafting and providing accurate legal advice requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box.
If you are looking for a lawyer who is able to reframe the way to look at a problem and imagine new legal solutions, contact me.

Before providing any service, we sign a fee agreement detailing my pricing policy and the modus operandi of the firm. No surprises. I propose flat fees, package fees, success fees, and avoid hourly fees whenever it is possible. I am committed to not applying additional fees or charges without your prior agreement.
If your case is not strong, I inform you about its weaknesses and likely outcome. You will hear what you need to know, not necessarily what you would like to hear.

As a legal entrepreneur dedicated to other entrepreneurs, I highly value your satisfaction and favour long term business relations over short term profit. My goal is to help move your business forward in France over the long term.

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